Northern Indigenous Health Alliance

Northern Indigenous Health Alliance

Objective 1: By 2027, the NIHA will have facilitated 16 workshops with 125 Frontline service providers in the northern Alberta region. The purpose of these workshops is to increase their awareness of the stigma faced by Indigenous people when they try to access HIV, HepC and other STBBI prevention, testing, treatment, care and support services and increase their knowledge of some effective evidence-based solutions they can implement by themselves or within their organizations to provide more culturally responsive and culturally safe services to Indigenous people in their region when needed.

Objective 2: By March 2027, the NIHA will have delivered 200 workshops or presentations to 5,000 Indigenous people in northern Alberta to increase their knowledge of effective evidence-based HIV, hepatitis C or related STBBI prevention measures they can adopt to prevent infections, with 40% of participants reporting an increased knowledge of effective evidenced-based HIV, HepC and STBBI prevention measures and 25% of participants reporting having adopted or having the intention to adopt such measures to prevent infections when needed.


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