Kimamow Atoskanow Foundation (KAF)
is a community driven organization governed, staffed and accessed by Indigenous / Aboriginal people.

We Believe In Inclusion
our four advisory circles include elders, youth, professionals, persons with lived experience, their families, who together provide guidance and direction.

We Believe That Indigenous / Aboriginal People
are often best-served by members of their own community because they have shared values, beliefs and experiences.

We Believe That People With Lived Experience
must be involved in the planning, facilitating, and evaluation of programs.

We Believe That Change Is Possible
if given good information, appropriate supports, and genuine encouragement people can improve or adjust their personal circumstances.


“A healthy response to HIV/AIDS and related lifestyle concerns.”


To create a safe and supportive environment for people and communities to share information, resources, and experiences that promote a healthy response to HIV/ AIDS and related lifestyle concerns.


  • Prevent the spread of HIV, Hepatitis C Virus and Sexually Transmitted Infections.
  • Provide support to those individuals infected and affected.


  • Provide current, relevant, and appropriate information to individuals and communities.
  • Create resources to educate and increase awareness of HIV and related issues.
  • Increase individual and community awareness of exposure factors.
  • Ensure that persons living with HIV or HCV participate in program planning, facilitating, evaluating.
  • Organize support gathering, advisory circles and evaluation sessions.


Life & Family
The perspective for HIV/AIDS projects, programs and services that KAF offers is unique. One of the most significant differences in KAF’s approach is inclusiveness. From the start KAF has recognized that all members of the family, including children, are important to involve in prevention and support activities. This way of programming honours our core values of Life and Family.

Honesty is necessary as a core value for individuals, families, organization, communities and nations. It is important to acknowledge the significance of truth in all action we take.

KAF also adheres to the core value of respect, meaning we accept people where they are at. Offering interventions is at the pace of the people accessing KAF. This is particularly important in the areas of risk assessment, harm reduction, addictions and disclosing diagnosis.

Sharing is another core value that is central to all that KAF does. This is evident by the willingness of our community members to talk about sensitive issues including sexuality, addictions and living with HIV or other diseases. KAF has created a safe space for individuals and families to share their experiences.

In turn individuals who do not feel they have a “VOICE” have given KAF permission to speak on their behalf. Sharing is taken to professional and policy level tables where actual lived experience challenges the status quo of mainstream approaches to HIV prevention, treatment and support.


KAF is governed by a voluntary board of directors. These individuals are elected from a broad range of urban and rural backgrounds which reflect Alberta’s First Nation and Métis peoples.

KAF Board of Directors work with a consensus model of decision making. All members are invited to attend meetings and provide input to discussions. The Board of Directors encourages family participation in meetings and events.

Meetings are called by the Chairperson. Proper cultural protocol is followed for the opening and closing of all meetings organized by KAF.


Betty Smith – Chairperson

Lorraine Cardinal – Vice Chairperson

Lena Lambert – Treasurer

Carola Cunningham – Secretary

Patsy English – Board Member

Peter Cardinal – Elder Advisory Circle