About Our Logo

About Our Logo


History of the Logo

In 1996, there was a project funded by Alberta Health and Wellness and Medical Services Branch, the provincial and federal health departments in Alberta region at that time. Members of First Nations in Treaty 6, 7, and 8; Métis Nation of Alberta representatives, Métis Settlements General Council, urban Aboriginal organizations, people living with HIV/AIDS, people involved in the criminal justice system, committees including the Southern Alberta HIV/AIDS Working Group and the Northern Alberta HIV/AIDS Working Group, and other stakeholders, participated in the development of the first Alberta Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy. Despite the strategy development, there were no continued implementation dollars to meet the priorities identified.

The sustainable aspect of the 1996 project continues in the form of the “Tree of Creation” framework. This framework was created by diverse Indigenous peoples in Alberta. As the depth and strength of this model was realized, we sought the advice of Elders on how to proceed. We were advised that if the approach worked, we should continue to use it. Maintaining the integrity of this approach has been the focus of KAF. The “Tree of Creation” continues to be recognized and utilized as a comprehensive, Indigenous centred, planning and accountability framework.

The Tree

Where we come from – the past.
Where we are now – the present.
Where we want to be – the future.

The Roots

Life & Family, Honesty,
Respect and Sharing.
Growing from our values
are our beliefs that
guide our actions.

The Earth

is our communities, defining needs and acting to meet those needs. It is our grassroots movement which nurtures our values.

The Growing Trunk

helps us to measure our progress and development as HIV/AIDS issues in the community are addressed.

The Branches

symbolize our areas of focus – prevention, care and support, treatment, research, and surveillance.

The Leaves

personify our individual and professional roles and responsibilities.

The Tipi Poles

in the distance guide us towards our future ideal and our goal of a healthy response to HIV/AIDS.

The Red Ribbon

incorporates the universal symbol of HIV/AIDS with the red heart of love.

The Infinity

recognizes our place of beginning, and the creative forces that work through us, continuing without end. It’s also significant to the Métis community.

Joe P. Cardinal

Joe was one of the elders who gave his blessing to use the Tree of Creation for helping people understand HIV/AIDS.

“Love is our strongest medicine.” -Joe P. Cardinal