In the review, use and development of resources, KAF uses a particular set of values. Resources can be people, information, space, energy or other means necessary to get a message across. Clarity, timeliness, accuracy, format, language and utilization are considerations. KAF maintains that it is not the quantity of a resource that is important, it is the quality.
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Alberta Aboriginal AIDS Conferences (1,2 & 3) - DVD

One of our core values is sharing and we chose video as a method of recording what community members views were about HIV. Conference activities where organized to increase awareness of the issues around it. Each conference has a different theme and context a reminder record of where we have been and where we still need to go.
The First Alberta Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Conference - DVD

"Providing Aboriginal Links"


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The Second Alberta Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Conference - DVD
"Matters Of The Heart"


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The Third Alberta Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Conference - DVD
"Wellness & Wisdom Gathering"


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"Life So Far" - DVD

Ken Ward and Kecia Larkin have been our leaders in the Aboriginal HIV movement. Sharing their stories of being diagnosed with HIV was one of the actions they took in the early 90's, each creating a video resource for communities to access.

For almost 20 years they have been sharing the stories of their lives, living with HIV/AIDS. "Life So Far" is an updated experiential resource, which brings us up to date in the lives of Ken & Kecia. It also provides answers to commonly asked questions about HIV/AIDS and serves as a good discussion starting point for community educators.

To review Ken & Kecia's Stories go to the "Our Voices" section of the website. You can download the web movies for free, just select the video you want, right click on your mouse and select "Save As QuickTime Movie" from the pop up menu.

You can purchase a high resolution DVD version of the programs from KAF. Please refer to the "Contact Us" page.


To View preview go to "Our Voices" page to "Ken Ward's Story" and "Kecia Larkin's Story".

"That's It For Now" - DVD

Several youth co-produced this video with Fox Morin, a well known Aboriginal community Hepatitis C activist. From the sound track to the various scenes created, viewers can actually start the DVD, review the scenarios and stop the DVD to take time to discuss each area. Myths and facts about Hepatitis C are shared in a creative way.



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"Open Your Eyes and Be Aware" – Youth Package

Includes "Life so Far," "That's It For Now," and the youth music video "Open Your Eyes and Be Aware" by Conway Kootenay and the Red Power Squad.


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