Kimamow Atoskanow Foundation recognizes that awareness and prevention programs must be designed with the individuals, families, organizations or communities that will use them. There is not one approach that will work for everyone. The diversity of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people requires distinct methods be created.

KAF asks for ongoing feedback to programs and presentations from the people who actually participate in the sessions. Anyone seeking KAF assistance, particularly for presentations or training is asked to identify specifically what they hope to achieve by organizing a session.

sunsetA "Request for Services" is completed, which ensures that KAF has a better understanding of the needs and the opportunity to create resources that will meet these needs. "Request for Services: PDF – download.

"Diagnosis with HIV, Hepatitis C or a Sexually Transmitted Infection affects each person differently. Being able to share the thought and feeling that goes with it is important."

In Reach

KAF describes programs or projects that are delivered within institution or residential treatment as "In Reach" programs.

Harm Reduction Shield ©
KAF has adapted several harm reduction strategies, philosophies and resources for use by individuals who are currently or previously incarcerated, and/or individuals who consider themselves at risk. Defining concepts of "risk" and "harm" are central to this initiative.

Circle of Knowledge Keepers Program
This program was developed by the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) and was implemented by KAF in co-operation with Correctional Services of Canada.

The Circle of Knowledge program trains peer educators and provides current information about HIV/AID and Hepatitis-C to individuals incarcerated in Federal and Provincial Institutions. This program has recently been redesigned by CAAN. KAF incorporates some of the material previously developed and tailors it to the context of participants. Currently, the "In To Health" approach is being implemented for institutional settings.

Out Reach

KAF describes programs or projects that are delivered to communities or agencies as "Out Reach" programs.

VOICES OF C.H.O.I.C.E. Project
Voices of CHOICE is our newest project. We are able to deliver 18 workshops across Alberta to communities and organizations utilizing our knowledge and expertise to create effective interventions. We will promote awareness across Alberta creating with our partners social marketing and awareness campaigns.

Based on consistent requests, the "Tree of Creation" resource will be updated and distributed.

Peer information and support sessions will be organized with the inclusion of Elders and Youth sharing cultural and contemporary teachings.

Regional Training Conferences will be organized with partners in 4 locations across Alberta. Accessing current, relevant and accurate information; developing critical thinking skills; and the application of evidence-informed practice are suggested topics. See upcoming events for next date and location.

Full Circle Project
The Full Circle Project is designed to bring members of our community together to prevent the spread of HIV, HCV and STI's. It will also ensure our people have access to appropriate and relevant resources for prevention, care and support.

We develop and support networks of Elders, Youth, Persons living with HIV/AIDS, and Service Providers through the creation of Advisory Circles. These circles in turn advise KAF on how to improve services and to develop program and policies that affect each of these populations.

KAF is also involved in the design, delivery and evaluation of comprehensive sexual health, HIV prevention and risk/harm reduction support workshops specifically for women and youth. "Women's Ways" is one of the complements to this activity and provides stories about the lived experience of women.

Essential skills training for front-line workers, is also provided in the form of workshops, in-service and retreats. These sessions assist in improving skill development and coping strategies associated with HIV/HCV/STI. In 2013, KAF has expanded the content of workshops to include Critical Thinking Skills; Participatory Evaluation Methods; In the Realm of Decolonization - Uncovering History; Community Network Development; all within the current integration environment, previously recognized as our wholistic framework or approach.

Community voice and direction in planning and developmental evaluation, continue to guide KAF's efforts.

Circle of Support Program ©
The Circle of Support Program was developed for people living with AIDS or supporting those who are. It provides forums to discuss peer endorsed options for care, treatment and support.

The program also designs workshops to create and facilitate intensive healing and support gathering for individuals infected with HIV. These sessions are presented in a cultural setting and address such issues as

  • Dealing with new diagnoses,
  • Disease progression,
  • Lifestyle choices,
  • End of life and palliative care.

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